I’m not a very exact cook but I am the substitution Queen! We deal with so many allergies and intolerance that I think I’ve pretty much been able to create most traditional foods with varying degrees of success. About the only allergy I haven’t had to work with is nuts (thankfully) but between us all I have a variety of recipes that are free from dairy, wheat, soy, and artificial stuff. Some recipes will also be free from or low in salicylates, amines, glutamates, fodmaps and egg.

As I am a bit of a chuck it all together type cook I’m not very good at writing down the recipes properly so let me know if any instructions are not clear and I will fix it!

And here they are!

Mummy’s Yucky Biscuits

Eggless Vanilla Cake

Rissoles with and without taste

Roast Lamb with all the Trimmings

Failsafe Lemon Chicken

Treats Montage

From Top Left – Banana Bread, Choc Cupcakes, Mummy’s Yucky Biscuits, Egg-Free Pancakes, Vanilla Cake, Amaranth Slice