Flying Warrior


have finally been able to try flying yoga and I love it!!

A new yoga studio has opened in Wynnum and it is offering a fantastic range of yoga classes including aerial yoga, vinyasa, hot yoga, pregnancy and kids. Check out their Facebook page for more info Warrior Life Yoga

Today was my third flying class and I’m getting comfortable enough to go straight into the inversions and push myself a bit further. It takes quite a bit of trust in yourself and the sling but once you’ve got the basics it’s easy. The instructor Kellie breaks down the moves to very easy steps and is always on hand to help if you get stuck.

Friday morning I tried out the Vinyasa and it was fantastic! I haven’t had been to a good class in ages so I was very happy when this one met all the criteria – good flow, enough of a push, knowledgeable teacher and 6am timeslot so that I can fit it in before work.

It has been so hard to find a class that I like and I can actually get to between work and looking after the kids! Check them out and support a new local business!


Back to Baking

After a few weeks of not having proper dinners every night I’ve spent the day baking and cooking meals for the rest of the week. After work I am flat out keeping my eyes open let alone make dinner (always from scratch as I don’t have the option of dinners from a packet or can). Team that with having to get the girls showered and ready for school the next day and into bed at a decent hour I really miss when I don’t have something to just heat up.

Last week they ate so many crumbed fish fillets and chicken nuggets that we went through all the packets I had stocked up on when they were on special (Gluten free is very expensive!!!). Now our immune systems are tanking as well so it was past time I made something healthy. There probably won’t be too much time for this over the next couple of weeks as we are having to move house in the next 40 days so my weekends are going to be busy packing.

So I started out the morning making my Yucky biscuits. I tried to mix it up for a bit more fibre and added a teaspoon of psyllium husk – just a tip, don’t do that, it makes too much of a difference to the texture.

Then it was time to make chocolate cupcakes for the party my daughter was going to in the afternoon – I always like to make sure they have an alternative at parties so they don’t feel like they are missing out too much. Quick and easy is the Orgran chocolate cake mix baked as patty cakes with some chocolate buttercream icing. I’ve also found some gluten free, natural colours, hundreds and thousands to dress them up a bit.

Next up was my tea cake for the week. I’ve been mixing it up lately with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on top before I bake it. Sometimes I can handle it but other times it makes me a bit nauseous but it’s yummy!!

While this was going on I had some chicken bones on the boil, making a stock to get some goodness into the family. I let it simmer most of the day and it had carrot, celery, onion, leek, garlic and ginger to give it some flavour. This then became the base for the Chicken Chow Mein and Chicken soup I made after we came back from the birthday party.

Dinner was Porcupines with Mashed Potato for hubby and the girls and I roasted two chooks with choko, potato and purple sweet potato for my dinners for the rest of the week.

Whew! Tired now. Going to bed. Good night!

Throw Together Dinner 

Tonight’s throw together brought to you by DD10!

I haven’t been well this week and at the hospital all day today (nothing serious) so the kids were thrilled when I said they could make french toast for dinner and absolutely astounded when I agreed to their request for chocolate French toast! I think they then realised how unwell Mum is. 

So I needed more than sugar for dinner so I chucked some sweet potato and chicken on one slice with a little bit salt, side by side with the one maple syrup 😉


French Toast with Maple Syrup


Sweet Potato & Chicken French Toast


So Many Posts In Mind, So Little Time

Work and school are still taking their toll. I’ve had so many ideas for posts but lacking the time and motivation to write. My depression is at an all time high (or is that low?) so I find myself mindlessly surfing Facebook instead of doing something productive.

I have a feeling we all need to up our zinc as after a period of going well we’re all now showing signs of immune systems not coping. From a chest and ear infection, constant colds or the feeling of always being on the edge of coming down with a cold, to recurrent staph infections and a really vigorous wart virus.

Behaviour is also taking a turn for the worse with unusual crying breakdowns from one and defiant, angry behaviour from the other – and that’s just the kids. The adults are not coping much better.

And all this has happened as I have tried to significantly cut down visits to the many professionals that make up our support team in an attempt to save for a house and get us out of the mould ridden rental we are currently in.

So what to do next? I have no idea. I’ve been at this long enough that I should be able to work it out myself without all the professionals but my mind just keeps jumping from topic to topic. Work on the cause of the issue is my mantra but which issue do I start with? And then it all seems to hard.

For myself, I am focusing on ‘liberalisation’. This is a methodology to get Salicylates and Amines back in. You start with a small amount you can tolerate and then increasing every three days until you can have it every day, then significantly increase the quantity. I’ve figured this is a good place to start as most of my problem is diet and without Salicylates and Amines I’m finding it extremely difficult to try any of the healing protocols such as GAPs, Paleo, Low Sugar, No Grains etc

For the girls I’m feeling a little remiss as I’m not really doing much for them at the moment. I’m avoiding their OT and Psych sessions as long as I can but I don’t think I can avoid the Bioressonance therapy for too much longer as I’m worried about them regressing. There has been so much chemical spraying with the freak out about Zika virus and I’m pretty sure we’ve all got parasites back again.

So with all this rattling around in my head no wonder I have been implementing avoidance strategies! Enough with the pity party, below are photos of all the future posts I have in mind. Let me know if there are any in particular that you would like to see first as I’m sure it will take me a little while to get through all of them.






Vanilla Cake With an Egg!

I am so excited to have eggs again! I’ve been waiting for the chance to make my vanilla cake with egg and I finally did it and it was Awesome!!!


It may not look like much but it was so soft and moist.

So I used my Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe and just added an egg into the ghee and maple syrup mix (Whip it good!). You also need to add a little less milk


Freezer Treasure

Nanna has the kids, I have a pinched nerve in my neck leading to a migraine and got given a doozy of an assignment at work meaning I didn’t get home til late. Not in the mood to cook anything and not sure if I had any leftovers for dinner or work tomorrow I went on a hunt for what nourishment can I give my body so I can get to bed. Imagine my excitement when I found a hidden ziplock bag of roast lamb! Don’t worry it was only from the 19th December (I label and date all my freezer food for this exact reason).

So I paired it with some frozen choko, swede and quinoa and actually created a yummy dinner when I didn’t think I was going to have anything! That’s what I call Freezer Treasure!

Baking Day – My Staples

Friday was a bit of a baking day as I had started running out of staples and also wanted a few treats. I started off with Yucky biscuits – which actually aren’t yucky but a bit of an acquired taste but are very nutritious if you’re needing to get food into yourself.

Roast Lamb is one of my staples. It lets me make up a a heap of meals for myself which are particularly useful so I can make meals with taste for the rest of the family. Tonight they got to eat Lamb with Roast potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, veges, yorkshire pudding and gravy. Where being on baseline I had my lamb with a couple of roast potatoes and roasted choko with salt for flavour 😦

Another staple is an Eggless Vanilla cake. It’s not fantastic but it is a good afternoon snack when you don’t have a lot of ingredients you can use. It tends to need microwaving to reinvigorate it any time after the day of baking as it is pretty dry.

For dessert we had Maple Syrup Ice cream and Butterscotch Pudding!


Failsafe Butterscotch Pudding

It is actually quite amazing how many different things can be made with the same set of ingredients.