The Mystery of Pyroluria

There was a simple article about pyroluria in my news feed today that I will share as it is a really simplified overview. However I was concerned about the source and it seeming like quack science to those who have not been on the journey I have. So I looked for more ‘scholarly’ articles and have wasted nearly an hour trying to find something outside of my usual sphere of research with no luck in finding something easily digestible.


All I know is following a treatment protocol for myself and my girls has made an amazing difference to our quality of life. We have reduced the instances and severity of illness exponentially and I see first hand the difference in behaviours when the girls haven’t had their supplements for an extended period. The girls have been able to add foods back in that they previously had minor intolerances to and I am at a point where I can work on introducing foods and feeling like my body can cope with it.

So as with everything I post, use it to inform yourself, do some more research if it is something that rings true to you and follow your heart in what is best for you! I will look at adding to my research on this but for today I’ve got to get off my arse and get into the day!

The articles I did find are below:-

The Mindd Institute

An article recommended by my BioMed GP

This is my BioMed GP



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