Finally getting some time at home!

Got a fair bit done over the last couple of days but my To-Do list seems to be growing rather than shrinking. One week off work just isn’t enough to get through all the chores that accumulate through the year.

Starting on one project always leads to another. One of the must do items on my list was re-pot my office plant (and try not to kill it with my black thumb). That simple task lead to finally re-potting my Mulberry tree, removing all the corpses from the pots on my front patio, which then led to turning the compost which is not looking too happy. Checking on the girls vege garden led to harvesting a heap of mint as it was getting too straggly. So then what do I do with all this mint? Make choc-mint ice cream and dehydrate the rest for later use as a tea or mint sauce of course!

Then I thought while the dehydrator was on I might as well throw in some mango and banana that were nearing the end of their lives. Which actually turned out, unlike the ice cream. That’s the problem with being a bit of a throw it all together type cook. Though I think the thing that really let the ice cream down was subbing honey for some of the rice malt syrup as I had run out. Even the kids wouldn’t eat it – and it had real chocolate chips in it!

Other big ticket items off the list were de-cluttering the kitchen cupboards, cleaning out the end of the bench and top of the fridge disaster areas, putting together a shoe cabinet and best of all teaching my youngest to ride her big two wheeler!


Evidence the Tupperware cupboard was actually tidy and organised! I even put the photo on the cupboard door in the delusion that the two munchkins will keep it that way.




One thought on “Finally getting some time at home!

  1. i really like this post! totally relate to one chore leading into another but I like how you can get lost in these sorts of things – it feels quite meditative to make things this way, tho sometimes they dont quite work out! today i made a roast capsicum and cashew dip/sauce as mum had some caps she was gonna throw away but were still ok. 😏

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